Introduction to Buddhism: a NEW Course

MONDAYS | 7.00-9.00pm

Introducing a Systematic Approach to Meditation and Buddhism with Kadam Kelly Loeffelmann

If you would like to receive a structured introduction to Buddhism, this course may be for you! You can attend a 10 week course, a 5-week series, or simply drop-in to any class on any week. No commitment needs to be made for the entirety of the course, however, the more classes you attend, the greater benefit you will receive!

Each class consists of chanted prayers, guided meditations, teachings, and discussion.

In these classes we will learn about Buddhist view, meditation and action and how by improving our mind we can find the happy meaningful life everyone is looking for.

Everyone is welcome to these classes which will include topics such as:
• What does our death mean?
• The Buddhist way of life
• Liberation of sorrow
• Developing non-attachment
• Training in moral discipline, concentration and wisdom
• The real meaning of human life
• Living with a good heart


Register online for the entire course, a 5-week series or just drop-in anytime (free for GP, FP & Benefactor members). Online registration available now!

The Book

In this study series will be studying the book ‘Introduction to Buddhism’ an explanation of the Buddhist way of life, by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.  Copies of this book are available for purchase in our bookstore so you can read, study, and follow along.

The Schedule

Full 10 week course – April 9-May 21, Jun 4, 18 & 25
Five week series I – Apr 9-May 7
Five week series II – May 14 & 21 – Jun 4, 18 & 25

Foundation Program (FP)

Starts Up Again September 2018!

The Foundation Program (FP) is open to everyone and you can join when we start it up again in the Fall 2018. Through in-depth study and practise, it helps us close the gap between the inspiring teachings we hear at the Centre and practising them in our daily life. We learn how to integrate all the meditation practises and wisdom advice from Buddha into our normal daily life. In this way we gradually find a deep inner peace and happiness in our lives.

Foundation Program offers a structured approach to learning Buddhist meditation through the study of a particular book and classes consisting of guided meditations, teachings and discussion.


By joining the Foundation Program, you will enjoy all the benefits of full Centre member. The Foundation Program fee is $85 per month (free for FP & Benefactor members)

Please contact us if you would like to hear more about Foundation Program and how to join.

The Book

The foundation program will be studying the book ‘The Joyful Path of Good Fortune’ by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. This inspiring book offers us deep insights into the stages of the spiritual path known as Lamrim. It shows how an understanding of the stages of the path can be used practically in everyday experience to significantly improve our inner peace, happiness and quality of life.

More about FP

Through the structure of the Foundation Program, the student is immersed in an environment which provides:

  • A clear and precise presentation of the basic aspects of Mahayana Buddhism.
  • The perfect basis for a strong daily practiceThe support of a Spiritual Community.
  • The transmission of the complete path to enlightenment in a way that is easy to understand and apply in daily life.

Taught by Amitabha Centre’s Resident Teacher Kadam Kelly Loeffelmann, this unique study program enables us to gain authentic experience of the Buddhadharma within the context of our regular lives.

FIND OUT what Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso has to say about the Foundation Program HERE.



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