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In-Depth Study Program


Amitabha Kadampa Buddhism Centre offers two systematic study programs to everyone. They are general program and foundation program.

The benefits of the teachings given in these programs are, through sincerely practising these teachings you can solve your daily problems such as the problems of anger, attachment, jealousy and ignorance. You can maintain a peaceful mind all the time so that you will be happy all the time. You can maintain harmony and good relationships with your family, friends and others so that you can make others happy to. Especially you can make your human life very meaningful.

The benefits of training in meditation are, through sincerely training in meditation on the teachings given in these study programs you will attain spiritual realizations, which lead you to permanent liberation from all the sufferings of this life and countless future lives. There is no greater meaning than this. Even temporarily, whenever you experience problems, unpleasant feelings, depression or unhappiness you can solve these problems immediately by transforming your mind into peace through your meditation practice. The benefits of meditation are immeasurable. For more information online go to How to Meditate.

General Program

Many people are interested in learning about Buddhism and meditation and would like to attend a class which introduces the concepts and practices. The General Program offers drop in classes which include practical ideas for dealing with our human problems, and methods in which to transform your way of life into a more peaceful and happy journey. The classes consist of guided meditations, discussion, and a break for tea and cookies.

Foundation Program

Many practitioners have a sincere wish to deepen their knowledge and experience of Buddhist teachings, and gain authentic spiritual realizations through a structured program of studies. The Foundation Program is intended to accomplish this through a systematic and in-depth study of the stages of the path to enlightenment, training the mind and development of the students personal meditation practice.

Through the structure of the Foundation Program, the student is immersed in an environment which provides:

  • A clear and precise presentation of the basic aspects of Mahayana Buddhism.
  • The perfect basis for a strong daily practice.
  • The support of a Spiritual Community.
  • The transmission of the complete path to enlightenment in a way that is easy to understand and apply in daily life.

Taught by Amitabha Centre’s Resident Teacher Kadam Kelly Loeffelmann, this unique study program enables us to gain authentic experience of the Buddhadharma within the context of our regular lives.

What are the benefits of a systematic study program?

Buddhism teaches that to find lasting happiness and meaning in our lives we need to follow a spiritual path. To follow this path it is important to have a qualified Teacher who can offer us advice and encouragement, a strong spiritual community who provide favourable conditions for our practice, and pure Dharma teachings. These help us to penetrate more deeply into the meaning of Buddha’s teachings, engage in sincere and regular study, and maintain a daily mediation practice that is both focused and powerful.

In essence, the Foundation Program is the same training followed by spiritual practitioners in an unbroken lineage dating back to Buddha Shakyamuni. Its special quality is that we can gain authentic experience without abandoning our modern lifestyle. By studying in this program we will gain great confidence in the methods for transforming the mind – from basic techniques for overcoming our everyday problems, to practices leading to permanent inner peace and unsurpassed happiness.

How does the Foundation Program work?

The secret of the Foundation Program’s success lies in the manageable commitment which participants undertake. Students sign up for a whole book and commit themselves to attend every class, to learn the material, and to write a test at the end of the study period.