Modern Buddhism

Monday Study Class 7-9pm

This class is open to everyone who wishes to deepen their practice and experience of Modern Kadampa Buddhism. Through in-depth study and practise, it helps us close the gap between the inspiring teachings we hear at the Centre and practising them in our daily life. We learn how to integrate all the meditation practises and wisdom advice from Buddha into our normal daily life. In this way we gradually find a deep inner peace and happiness in our lives.

Monday Study Class offers a structured approach to learning Buddhist meditation through the study of the book Modern Buddhism and classes consist of Prayers for Meditation,  guided meditations, teachings and discussion.


You can register as a Study Program Member or pay $15/class and pay with cash or credit card, or purchase a series pass card at the centre or register for the whole series.

Class Titles

Dec 2 – Do you believe in karma?
From non-virtuous actions comes suffering and from virtuous actions comes happiness: if we believe this, we believe in karma. Buddha gave extensive teachings that prove the truth of this statement and showed how we can use our understanding of karma to avoid future suffering and enjoy pure happiness.
Chapter: What is Karma?

Dec 9 – The truth about suffering
In general, everyone who has physical or mental pain, even animals, understands their own suffering; but when Buddha said in his first teaching, ‘You should know sufferings,’ he meant that we should know the sufferings of our future lives and develop a strong wish to liberate ourself from them now while we have the opportunity.
Chapter: What We Should Know

Dec 16 – What causes suffering?
The main cause of our suffering is our deluded minds, especially our self-grasping. If we abandon our self-grasping permanently, all our suffering and problems of this life and of countless future lives will cease permanently. How can we do this?
Chapter: What We Should Abandon

Jan 6 – What is a true spiritual path?
A spiritual path is an inner path, or spiritual realization, that leads us to the pure happiness of liberation and enlightenment. How do we train in such paths?
Chapter: What We Should Practise



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